What tags do you add automatically when I submit a poker hand?

When you submit a hand you will see the tags we have added automatically based on the information you entered. You may then add additional tags and/or change the tags that were added automatically. The tags that may get added automatically to your hand include: No limit, Pot limit, Fixed limit, Cash games, Tournament, Micro, Low Limit, Mid Limit, High Limit, Heads Up, Shorthanded Play, 6-max, and Full table.

How does the rating system work?

Users on the site are rated with stars with each user having between 1 to 5 stars. The rating system on the site reflects the activity level of users as well as how popular their posts are. Each user earns points through activity on the site. Points are earned for various activities on the site, with some activities earning more points than others. Activities earning points from highest to the lowest points are: votes received for poker hands posted, posting a poker hand, playing a poker hand, votes received for a news post, posting a story on the news page. Points that were earned more than 120 days ago are divided by 5. Users earn their stars by how their point total compares to other users on the site. Rating points are updated every day at 1 am CST.

When playing a poker hand, what happens when I pick an answer different than the Hero's answer?

When playing through the hand you continue to play the hand as the Hero played it. This allows you to follow the hand as it played out and compare your decisions to the Hero's decisions at every point in the hand.

Why do I see $ associated with the chip counts in some posts and not others?

Poker hands that are associated with tournaments will not have a $ by the chip counts. Poker hands associated with cash games will have a $ by the chip count.

What are some of the commonly used abbreviations in the Poker Hands page?

MTT – multi table tournament (a poker tournament that involves more than one table of players)
SNG – sit and go tournament (instead of having a scheduled start time, a sit and go poker tournament begins as soon as a limited number of tables are full)