AQ UTG - Sunday Million

MTT Tournament $215 Buy in No Limit
Relatively early in the tourney, I think average stack is around 20k.

Tags: No Limit, MTT, High Stakes, Full Table

Submitted 12-17-2009 by AmirSF


$5Rebuy FT Bubble. QJ oop, awkward stack size.

MTT Tournament $5 Buy in No Limit
I was chip leader of this tournament about 4 hands ago. Been on a downwards spiral for the last 30mins or so. Was semi-tilting at this point lol. Nobody is really getting out of line, it's ft bubble so they're tightening up. The only two decent regs …

Tags: No Limit, MTT, Micro, 6-max

Submitted 01-10-2011 by Cactusman07


Ultra weird spot in 22$ Deepstack

MTT Tournament $22 Buy in No Limit
AlaskanBeast is a loose player who plays 40% of his hands Pre, the majority of the time he is openlimping. On flops he's not affraid to put chips in and will take or overtake initiatives. My image is LAG, I raised and reraised (vs villain too) a l…

Tags: No Limit, MTT, Full Table, Medium Stakes

Submitted 03-03-2011 by Fish4Breakfast