11 dollar final table bubble spot

MTT Tournament $11 Buy in No Limit
final table bubble villian is playing very tight has been short stacked entire time only recently doubled up twice through me and is about to for a third time.

Tags: No Limit, MTT, 6-max, Low Stakes

Submitted 11-05-2015 by 3tj_reese2


calling of your chips on a draw at a final table

MTT Tournament $16 Buy in No Limit
ok so, prior to the hand beginning INormaJean lost a big all in and now has 3 bbs so i was certain the table would play the hand tight hoping to make the jump in the money therefore when my raise was called by the sb i felt he had a strong hand and w…

Tags: No Limit, MTT, Full Table, Low Stakes

Submitted 06-11-2010 by 3tj_reese2